Professionals’ Exchange I, 16. – 20. March 2022, Berlin

Finally! After Corona threw a spanner in the works last year and we had to postpone our professionals’ meeting planned for the end of 2021, the project and the associated activities are finally taking off.

Together with our Greek friends from Agrio Rodo, we put our heads together at our professionals’ exchange in Berlin from 16 – 20 March 2022, collected ideas and made initial plans for the coming youth encounters – not without background knowledge, of course.

To get us in the mood we joined an initial workshop, in which we dealt with the topics of identity and Group-Focused Enmity. In the course of an excursion to the Ravensbrück memorial and our visit to an allotment garden, we dealt more deeply with the National Socialist era. On the day of departure, things got practical again with a workshop on memorial education. We were able to transform all these inputs directly into planning ideas for the two youth exchanges later this year. The rough framework for the encounters in Corfu and Berlin is in place. This was not the only reason why the experts’ meeting was a complete success.

In between all the content and planning work, there was always time for personal exchange and so our small group of professionals from Germany and Greece has already grown together well.

Five full days, lots of interesting input, inspiring discussions and, above all, warm encounters. A digital follow-up meeting is planned for the end of May. Here we will not only reminisce, but also work together on the planning of the upcoming activities.

Many thanks to our old and new friends from Greece! We are looking forward to weaving an exciting programme together with you for the following youth encounters.