Professionals’ Exchange II, 27. February – 05. March 2023, Israel

Our exchange of professionals is going into the second round. After getting to know each other in Berlin last spring and staying in touch ever since, this time we are going to Israel. At the end of February 2023, we German and Greek professionals of the project want to explore the country and possible contact points for the following youth exchange together.

Last but not least a couple of details to the background of this project: “Nature & Ideology – a Youth Exchange Project of the Invasive Kind” will, over the course of two years, deal with the diverse ways of framing nature and environment protection and their cooptation for ideologies of group focused enmity. At the same time the project aims to also show alternatives towards a humanistic-solidaric approach to nature protection. This will be achieved over the course of three youth exchanges in Germany, Greece and Israel besides the two professionals’ exchanges in Germany and Isreal. The project is realised in cooperation with our friends from Agrio Rodo from Korfu. In Israel we will also be supported by our new partner Irgun Jeckes.

When? 27th of Feburary – 5th of March 2023
Where? Israel
Who? Professionals in child and youth work